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Lecture Sjoerd de Vries: Wisdom and love: what is buddhism?

Lectures in the Nieuwe Kerk

During the exhibition ‘Life of Buddha’ De Nieuwe Kerk organises various lectures, some in co-operation with the KVVAK.

You don’t need to register: free entrance with your KVVAK membership card.

Wisom and love: what is buddhism?

Buddhism has spread from India to various countries resulting in different interpretations and expressions. What are the differences between buddhists from Myanmar and Tibet? Sjoerd de Vries, art historian, tibetologist and owner of the Amsterdam-based gallery Astamangala, will illustrate these differences with the help of some of the displayed objects.

Location and time

Location: Nieuwe Kerk, Dam, Amsterdam

Date and time: Saturday 2 February 2019, 14:00-15:00